Joint Release

Tender for future ATM system released to market

28 Jun 2013

Airservices Australia and the Department of Defence have released a Request For Tender (RFT) for an air traffic management (ATM) platform which will deliver the next generation of air traffic control to Australian skies.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity which will align the needs of Airservices and Defence through the implementation of a unified national solution and comes as both organisations’ systems are approaching their end of life.

Airservices Chief Executive Officer, Margaret Staib and Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Geoff Brown, have consistently said that both organisations were committed to the successful harmonisation of civil and military air traffic management, which will bring a wide range of benefits, including greater operational efficiencies, seamless systems compatibility, and better investment in personnel and infrastructure.

“This future ATM system will ensure that Australian aviation remains at the forefront of technologically advanced air traffic management and safety,” Ms Staib said.

“It will reduce overlaps, increase cooperation, improve communication, and deliver better training and expertise across the workforce,” said Air Marshal Brown.

The streamlining of equipment and processes will bring with it shared expertise and facilities, creating economies of scale whilst delivering greater flexibility meeting the needs of airspace users.

“A truly national harmonised ATM platform will remove the inherent limitations from separately managed volumes of airspace and the constraints of operating different systems,” Ms Staib said.

“Through more flexible use of airspace, it will enable better management and prioritisation of an increasingly complex traffic mix. In an environment of projected growth, it will also allow us to connect the Australian aviation industry to deliver world-best industry performance.”

Airservices is the ‘lead agency’ for the project, meaning that Airservices will lead the procurement of the future system for both Airservices and the Department of Defence. The RFT is a product of the joint team, in which both organisations have demonstrated their commitment to a harmonised air traffic management system – truly representing one team, one system, and one sky.

The Request For Tender opened on 28 June 2013 and closes on 30 October 2013. It follows an industry Request For Information in April 2010, and industry briefings in December 2011 and December 2012.