Tasmanian airspace is safe

23 Aug 2015

Airservices is confident that Tasmanian airspace is safe.

The travelling public can be assured that all passenger flights in Tasmania are supported by continuous air traffic services delivered by highly trained air traffic controllers helping to keep them safe at all times.

Australia’s leading aviation safety record is dependent on transparent safety reporting through a ‘Just Culture’ policy which encourages people to openly report all information, no matter how small, so as to ensure continual improvement.

Airservices is regarded as a world leader in air traffic safety. We continually monitor and review our operations and procedures to ensure that safety is never compromised.

Of the Tasmanian incidents reported in today’s Weekend Tasmanian none were assessed as requiring further investigation or follow up by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

The vast majority of incidents were not attributable to air traffic control and did not relate to the use of the Tasmanian Wide Area Multilateration (TASWAM) surveillance technology.

Air traffic control surveillance in Tasmania is provided by 14 ground stations located across the state. This network achieves the required level of surveillance and resilient back-up coverage in the event of disruptions to individual ground stations.

In the event of disruption there are numerous other ground stations fully operational to ensure we are able to manage the airspace appropriately.

Additionally, each ground station has a duplicate function provided by the antennas that also receive signals from a number of aircraft systems.

The Australian air traffic control system is designed and operates with multiple layers of redundancy in place to manage any unforeseen issues and to ensure safety and service levels are continually maintained.

Airservices safely and efficiently manages over 70 000 aircraft movements in Tasmanian airspace each year.