Search on for trainee air traffic controllers in Queensland

2 Oct 2012

Airservices Australia, the nation’s air navigation service provider, is on the look out for trainee air traffic controllers in Queensland.

Applicants need to have good spatial awareness, a strong multi-tasking ability, quick, accurate mental arithmetic skills and confident clear and concise English communication skills.

Airservices Acting Executive General Manager Air Traffic Control, Greg Atkins, said that Airservices air traffic controllers safely manage over 11 per cent of the world’s airspace, which includes more than four million flights carrying over 80 million passengers per year.

“The Australian Flight Information Region includes international airspace over the Pacific and Indian Oceans and is three times the size of Europe and larger than the continental United States,” Mr Atkins said.

“Our controllers play a crucial role in ensuring the safe operations of aircraft operating in our airspace and we are encouraging those people living in Brisbane who think they have what it takes to apply.

“Applicants will undergo a rigorous recruitment process commencing this year. If successful, they will complete intensive training in Melbourne before being posted for additional on-the-job training in one of our air traffic control facilities.”

To meet forecast demand in aviation, Airservices has been recruiting between 80 and 100 trainee controllers per financial year over the past four years.

The workforce of 950 plus controllers work from two major centres (Melbourne and Brisbane), four terminal control areas, and 28 control towers at international and regional airports all over the country.

Successful applicants will undergo 12 months initial training at Airservices Learning Academy in Melbourne and upon qualifying will be posted to either of the centres or 28 towers for additional on-the-job training.