Santa files his flight plan with Airservices Australia

18 Dec 2014

Airservices has received Santa’s flight plan and has double checked its systems and lists to make sure that everything is ready for Santa’s visit next week.

The submission of Santa’s flight plan means that air traffic controllers can now finalise where he enters our skies and leaves, along with the time he will arrive and depart.

Santa’s flight plan specifies where he will fly on Christmas Eve along with the technology that is fitted to his sleigh.

Airservices Executive General Manager Corporate and Industry Affairs, Mairi Barton, said everyone at Airservices had been working hard to ensure Santa’s flight will go as safely and efficiently as planned.

“We manage more than four million flights each year, however, Santa, in just one night, makes more take-offs and landings than that.

“This year air traffic controllers will be able to view Santa’s exact whereabouts twice every second while he’s flying through Australian skies through the use of satellite technology, called Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast or ADS-B.” Ms Barton said.

Airservices has allocated Santa the call sign of ‘SLEIGH RIDER ONE’ and will tomorrow issue a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) to warn all other aircraft flying on Christmas Eve—one of the busiest nights of the year—to keep clear of Santa as he delivers presents to all the boys and girls.

“While our air traffic controllers will be busy looking after Santa plus all the other flights in Australian skies, we will also be working hard to minimise the noise from Santa’s sleigh and our flight path designers will include as many tailwinds as they can to reduce the effort for the reindeer and keep them fresh for the long trip.”

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