Robust probity practices in place: Airservices

19 Aug 2015

Airservices has robust probity and procurement process in place for all of its tender activities, including those undertaken for the OneSKY Australia program.

The OneSKY Australia program will see Airservices and the Department of Defence deliver the most advanced and integrated air traffic control system in the world, replacing both of the current systems that have been in operation since the 1990s.

The program is subject to the governance processes of both Airservices and the Department of Defence including relevant approvals by the Board of Airservices and the National Security Committee of Cabinet.

The OneSKY joint probity process is overseen by executives of both Airservices and Defence. In addition the OneSKY program is subject to internal audit processes that report to the Airservices Board.

Airservices also engaged Ashurst Australia as an independent probity advisor throughout the OneSKY procurement to ensure that all processes have strong independent scrutiny. Compliance has been assessed and reported regularly.

The OneSKY probity arrangements are appropriate and consistent with the Government’s procurement policies and guidelines and actively consider and manage all potential conflicts of interest, actual or perceived.