Next generation of technical trainees join Airservices

25 Nov 2016

Nine new Airservices technical trainees have graduated from an intense training program that has given them the skills to maintain Australia’s air navigation and surveillance equipment.

The two-year Diploma in Engineering – Electronics and Communications, at TAFE NSW Riverina Institute, has taught them about communications, surveillance, navigation aids and data systems.

This training enables them to maintain Australia’s air traffic control equipment, from instrument landing systems, ground-based aids for satellite navigation, radars and other navigation aids.

Airservices Executive General Air Navigation Services Stephen Angus said the graduates will be part of the exciting change that is occurring within Airservices as we shift to more satellite based technology which is our service vision.

“Our industry is on a journey of enormous change being enables by technology innovation and at Airservices we are using this to improve safety, make aviation more efficient and more environmentally friendly,”

“The new trainees will help enable this change as we move from ground radar surveillance to satellite systems; from voice to digital data; and from traditional airspace control to four dimensional predictive technologies” Mr Angus said.

The Alastair Hodgson Award is presented each year to the trainee who is most outstanding in terms of technical excellence and demonstration of organisational values. This year’s recipient was Natalya Kuznetsova, who will be taking a role in Perth.

“Safety is paramount to everything we do at Airservices and our technical staff play a crucial role in helping to maintain safety-critical aviation equipment,”

“Field placements throughout their training has provided the trainees with vital practical experience and I congratulate them on their graduation and welcome them to Airservices” Mr Angus said.

The graduating trainees will take up roles in Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Darwin, Melbourne and Perth.