New aircraft noise website and noise management commitment launched

7 Nov 2013

Airservices Australia, in conjunction with the Australian Airports Association, launched a new aircraft noise website along with its commitment to managing aircraft noise at its annual industry conference, Waypoint.

The provides easy to understand information about aircraft noise and its impacts.

Airservices Executive General Manager Environment, Dr Rob Weaver said, “The continued growth of the aviation sector is vital for the development of international business, trade and tourism, however, increasing aircraft movements can impact the level of aircraft noise.

“In Australia, aviation activity is expected to increase by more than 60 per cent over the next 20 years. This website provides information on aircraft noise, how the industry is working together to manage it and what people can do to reduce its impact,” Dr Weaver said.

Australian Airports Association Chief Executive Officer, Caroline Wilkie said, “This is a welcome initiative to help the community better understand issues associated with aircraft noise, and importantly, the policies and procedures that are in place at airports to minimise the impact of aircraft noise on our neighbours.”

Also launched at Waypoint was ‘Airservices commitment to aircraft noise management’. “We are committed to minimising, and where possible, reducing the impact of aircraft noise.” Dr Weaver said, “This document sets out our principles for managing aircraft noise today and in the future and will help communities understand the reasoning for decisions made concerning aircraft noise.

“The aviation industry continues to work towards reducing the impacts of aircraft noise, and this document will underpin our ongoing collaboration with the aviation industry to achieve world’s best practice in aircraft noise management.”

The aviation industry continues to tackle issues of aircraft noise through quieter aircraft technology, continuous descent and Smart Tracking approaches to airports along with reduced thrust take-off measures which are all proving benefits in reducing aircraft noise.

For more information and to view the new aviation industry aircraft noise website visit A copy of Airservices commitment to aircraft noise management is available at