Letter To The Editor

Metron Traffic Flow

11 Jul 2012

Dear Editor,

Your article ‘Airport snarl-up a nightmare’ (Wednesday 11 July) is incomplete and misrepresents the facts.

To help address the substantial aviation growth Airservices introduced Metron, an air traffic flow management tool, to safely manage airspace congestion and airport capacity.  It is designed to reduce airborne holding and aircraft fuel burn and is a part of the solution, not the problem.

Nationally, Metron is delivering significant results for airlines and the travelling public.  For example, there has been an average reduction of five minutes flying time on the Melbourne-Sydney route, the fifth busiest route in the world.

It has also reduced airborne holding at Sydney during peak periods to an average of less than 97 seconds. Annually, these fuel savings equate to a carbon reduction similar to removing more than 88,000 cars from the road.

While the system has been operating since March, the optimal operation of Metron at Perth requires increased industry participation and compliance as well as some system adjustments to fully realise the benefits.

The article fails to recognise the substantial work underway by Airservices and the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) to improve the system. All major Western Australian airline operators recently met with Airservices to develop a program to further refine the implementation of the new system.

Airservices and the RAAA are both committed to working collaboratively to realise the benefits of the Metron system for Perth.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Clark
Acting CEO Airservices

Jeff Boyd
Vice Chairman RAAA