Instrument landing system upgrade for Sydney

22 Feb 2013

Airservices has commenced upgrade works on the existing instrument landing system (ILS) installed on the main runway at Sydney to enable enhanced navigation for pilots during low visibility conditions.

An ILS is a radio navigation aid that supports the movement of air traffic into the airport, particularly during fog or bad weather.

Work will conclude at the end of March 2013.

Airservices Executive General Manager Projects and Engineering, Mark Rodwell, said the upgrade to the ILS will improve accuracy and assurance for pilots to navigate to the runway when visibility is reduced.

“The work will enable Sydney Airport to introduce a Category II landing service once upgrades to other airport infrastructure including runway lighting are complete,” Mr Rodwell said.

A Category II landing service enables pilots to approach the runway to a lower altitude compared to the current Category I decision height, allowing landings to occur in lower cloud conditions.

This work follows previous upgrade work to Sydney Airport’s six instrument landing systems throughout 2011-2012.

ILS equipment around Australia is being upgraded or replaced by Airservices to ensure reliability and integrity of the landing systems until 2025.

UPDATE: Airservices completed these upgrade works on Friday 15 March.