Letter To The Editor

Instrument Landing System Gold Coast

15 Feb 2012

Dear Editor,

Your story and editorial today (Playing with lives) on progress for an Instrument Landing System at Gold Coast Airport is sensationalist, innacurate and unhelpful.

The Gold Coast airport is operating safely, and irresponsible speculation on this point risks damaging confidence in the airport and the local economy which relies on the business and tourism benefits it delivers.

We are working closely with the airport and the aviation industry to progress the installation of an ILS at the airport and have allocated sufficient funds for this project to proceed as soon as possible.

As each ILS installation is site-specific, detailed engineering, technical and airspace design work is required to ensure the installed equipment delivers the best possible outcome for the airport, aircraft operators and the community.

Community consultation will also be required beforehand if the installation of an ILS results in flight path changes.

Airservices is already investing heavily at Gold Coast and other regional airports around the country.

We are close to completing a $2.3m refurbishment of the Gold Coast air traffic control tower and our aviation fire station at the airport has also undergone an upgrade. It is equipped with brand new Mk8s ultra-large fire vehicles and a new digital Fire Control Centre.

Your readers can be assured that Airservices is fully committed to continual upgrading of its facilities at the airport in line with the growth in passenger traffic being experienced.

Yours Sincerely

Greg Russell
Chief Executive Officer