Flying in regional Australia safest way to travel

17 Jul 2015

Airservices has refuted claims in The Australian today that flying into or out of Gladstone and Ballina airports is unsafe – air traffic services continue to be safely delivered at these locations.

People flying into regional airports should be assured that all passenger flights in Australia are supported by continuous air traffic services throughout their entire flight, with highly trained and professional air traffic controllers helping to keep them safe at all times.

The level of air traffic service for each airport is determined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and is based on a detailed risk assessment that considers the number and type of aircraft using the airspace.

Airservices provides services consistent with these regulatory requirements and to ensure the safety of passenger transport services remains the number one priority.

We work closely with customers and stakeholders, and welcome ongoing discussion with airport operators, airlines and government about how to further enhance safety.

Australia has one of the safest aviation industries in the world. Together, our team of more than 1000 air traffic controllers, 900 fire fighters and 300 engineers and technicians help to get people where they need to go, when they need to be there, safety and efficiently in Australian skies.