Becoming ‘match fit’ for the future

23 Oct 2015

The opportunities for Airservices to continue its transformation to meet the challenges currently facing the industry were the focus of Acting Chief Executive Officer Jason Harfield’s speech to the Regional Aviation Association of Australia’s annual conference this afternoon.

“We’re all part of one of the greatest, and most vital, industries in the world—aviation,” Mr Harfield said. “We should never underestimate the role our industry plays, and will continue to play, in regional, national and international spheres and economies.”

Mr Harfield said that while the organisation has been the subject of recent public scrutiny, it was an opportunity for Airservices, and a further catalyst for the organisation to make the transformation needed to be ‘match fit’ for the future.

“For Airservices, being the subject of independently scrutiny is not only good governance, but also good practice.We are a transparent organisation that welcomes scrutiny and the opportunity to evolve the provision of our services for the benefit of our customers.”

During the speech to more than 300 attendees from across industry, Mr Harfield also discussed how Airservices was continuing to invest in regional aviation and regional safety supported by world-leading technologies like ADS-B.

“This world-leading ADS-B network, and the forthcoming industry-supported mandates, means we now have 99.5 per cent of commercial aircraft operations above 29 000 feet and 67 per cent of movements under instrument flight rules flights, reaping the safety and efficiency benefits of the most extensive surveillance coverage the nation has ever had.”

“Regional airspace has never been safer,” Mr Harfield said. “We are seeing a continued improving trend in our safety performance, including a reduction in air traffic service attributable incidents, such as the 66 per cent decrease in en route loss of separation events last financial year.

“What can we expect in the future? An exciting and vibrant industry, growing and serving just about everyone on the globe. We have to embrace that future and to do so, we at Airservices know we have to evolve, to become match fit, to deliver the value and benefits to the industry we serve.”

You can read a full copy of the speech online.