Airservices welcomes Australian Olympic team

15 Aug 2012

Airservices air traffic controllers and aviation fire fighters have welcomed home the Australian Olympic team after the conclusion of the 2012 London Olympics.

Call-signed ‘Qantas 6058’, the specially painted Qantas 747-400, featuring a boxing kangaroo, touched down on Sydney’s Runway 34L shortly after 7.00am, having flown in from London via Bangkok.

The occasion was marked with a special welcome radio transmission by the tower controller.

“Qantas 6058, Airservices Sydney Tower welcomes home the Australian Olympic team after a terrific effort in London,” the controller said.

On landing, the aircraft was also treated to a traditional ‘water arch salute’ by Airservices aviation fire fighters involving two ultra-large Mk8 fire vehicles throwing water over a distance of more than 80 metres as the aircraft passed beneath.

The water arch salute is used around the world for ceremonial purposes to mark a significant event.