Airservices to trial alternate flight path over Roleystone

22 Jul 2013

Following a recommendation by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman, Ron Brent, Airservices Australia will move a flight path from Roleystone to reduce the impact of aircraft noise on local residents.

From Thursday 22 August 2013, Airservices will trial a modified flight path currently affecting over 4000 people, providing respite from aircraft noise.

The trial follows a report into aircraft noise at Perth, published by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman.

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman was an initiative of the Government’s Aviation White Paper in 2009.

Airservices Executive General Manager Environment, Dr Rob Weaver says, “This trial is part of our ongoing commitment to investigate ways to reduce the noise impact of flights on the community in and around Perth as the traffic at the airport continues to grow.

“The aim is to reduce the number of aircraft flying low over residents in Roleystone and surrounding residential areas”, Dr Weaver said.

The trial will be in place for 12 months to cover normal seasonal patterns. During the trial, the flight path will move away from Bickley, Byford, Carmel, Martin and Roleystone to mostly rural areas near Karragullen, Pickering Brook and Bickley East.

Airservices is consulting widely with the local community prior to the commencement of the trial and will conduct noise monitoring in affected areas.

The public are invited to the following information sessions:

  • Sunday – 11 August at the Roleystone Neighbourhood Family Centre 1pm–3pm
  • Sunday – 11 August at the Pickering Brook Sports Club 5pm–7pm
  • Tuesday – 13 August at the Roleystone Neighbourhood Family Centre 6pm–8pm
  • Friday – 16 August at the Pickering Brook Sports Club 6pm–8pm.

Aircraft Noise Ombudsman, Ron Brent will attend the community information sessions on the Sunday. “I recognise that flight path design is a complex process and for safety reasons changes are not always possible, so I welcome the careful and considered approach that Airservices has taken here and their ongoing commitment to seek better noise outcomes for Perth communities,” he said.

Airservices will formally evaluate the trial after 12 months. Further information is available on our website.