Airservices supports safer skies

27 May 2013

Airservices, provider of air traffic management services throughout Australia, will be conducting Flight Inspection Services (FIS) this month.

Airservices conducts regular flight calibration inspections on over 500 navigational aids nationwide on a three year rotational basis, under a long term national program.

These inspections check the navigational aids used by pilots, equipment which ensures the safe and efficient operation of aircraft at major and regional airports, aerodromes and airstrips.

Based in Brisbane, the service inspects navigational equipment such as ground based augmentation systems, distance measuring equipment, non-directional beacons and instrument landing systems.

The inspections are performed by a specialist aircrew with precision equipment to collect data using three-dimensional laser measuring equipment and GPS technology. Information is then relayed from the navigational aid to a low flying aircraft, and then analysed by Airservices maintenance engineers to ensure the aid is operating accurately.

Flight inspection this month will take place at:

  • Round Mountain Radar – 27 to 29 May.

Note: There may be changes to the schedule if poor weather or other factors prevent the safety checks from going ahead