Airservices starts preparations for Santa’s visit to Australia

9 Dec 2016

Australia’s provider of air traffic control services, Airservices Australia, is set to share its preparations for Santa’s visit to Australia on Christmas Eve, with its newsroom and Facebook page.

The Airservices newsroom and Facebook page will give Australians an insider’s view on Santa’s plans for his flight on Christmas Eve—one of the busiest nights of the year in Australian airspace.

Airservices Executive General Manager Air Navigation Services Stephen Angus said the organisation’s air traffic controllers and behind-the-scenes staff play an important role in keeping Santa and his reindeers safe in our airspace.

“While our air traffic controllers will be working on Christmas Eve to keep other aircraft well clear of Santa’s flight path on the night, other Airservices staff have also played a role in ensuring everything is set for the night,” Mr Angus said.

“This year we have been working closely with Santa to ensure that his flight on Christmas Eve is as efficient as possible.”

“We have used a number of initiatives including the use of tailwinds to lessen the effort for the reindeers to keep them fresh for the long trip, reducing airborne holding by making Santa the priority for the big flight and ensuring we minimise Santa’s sleigh noise by using a ‘continuous descent’ when arriving into every airport.”

“The initiatives we have adapted to Santa’s flight is in keeping with Airservices increased focus on technology and making better use of our systems to improve performance, efficiency and safety.”

“Santa will also again be using satellite technology called Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast­­­­—or ADS-B for short” Mr Angus said.

With a super-fast refresh rate of twice every second, ADS-B means air traffic controllers can keep track of Santa when he is flying in Australian skies to ensure his flight across the nation goes safely and efficiently.

“Every year we give Santa all the assistance we can on Christmas Eve, but we’ll also be working very hard to help all travellers get home for Christmas as safely and quickly as possible” Mr Angus said.

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