Airservices shares Santa preparations with Australians

10 Dec 2013

Australia’s provider of air traffic control services, Airservices Australia, is set to share its preparations for Santa’s visit to Australia on Christmas Eve, with the launch of its dedicated Santa 2013 website and Facebook page.

The website and Facebook page will give Australians an insider’s view on Santa’s plans for his flight on Christmas Eve—one of the busiest nights of the year in Australian airspace.

Airservices air traffic controllers will work closely with Santa in the lead-up to Christmas to ensure his flight across the nation’s skies to deliver presents to all deserving boys and girls will go safely and smoothly.

Airservices Manager Corporate Communication, Rob Walker, said the organisation’s air traffic controllers and behind-the-scenes staff played an important role in keeping Santa safe.

“Airservices will use all available equipment to provide Santa with air traffic control throughout his journey in Australian skies, making sure he’s able to visit all the houses he needs to in the most direct, safe and efficient way,” Mr Walker said.

“Our controllers will work tirelessly on Christmas Eve to keep other aircraft well clear of Santa’s flight path on the night, but plenty of other Airservices staff have also played a role in ensuring everything is alright on the night.

“Our radar technicians have triple-checked their systems around Australia to make sure we can track Santa at all times and our flight path designers will use the latest technology to minimise any sleigh noise and plan the most efficient route so his reindeer won’t tire before Santa’s finished.

“Every year, we give Santa all the assistance we can on Christmas Eve, but we’ll also be working very hard to help all travellers get home for Christmas as safely and quickly as possible.”

Get a sneak peek of Airservices Santa preparations on our website and check back each day right up to Christmas for new content including videos, Santa’s flight path and visit to Airservices Melbourne Centre, plus games and activities for the kids.

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