Airservices response to ATSB loss of separation reports

18 Oct 2013

Safety is our number one priority and we note the reports released today by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

The Australian aviation industry is among the safest in the world and we welcome robust and independent scrutiny

The research investigation report shows that Australia has one of the lowest loss of separation occurrence rates attributable to civilian air traffic control in the world.

This was reinforced by international safety benchmarking undertaken by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) which ranked Airservices among the world’s best.

Separation of aircraft is complex with a number of layered defenses to safeguard against human error.

We note that none of the formal recommendations from the ATSB’s research investigation were directed to Airservices.

However, Airservices will continue to look at how we can make better use of all available information to assure the continued safety of Australia’s skies.

We have also taken additional steps to address the safety recommendations with respect to a loss of separation event near Karratha which includes a review of current procedures for assessing controller’s training program and a review of clearances that allow aircraft to operate between two flight levels (block levels).