Airservices releases Santa’s flight path

21 Dec 2015

Airservices has today released a video showing the flight path that Santa will take on Christmas Eve. And for the first time, Australia’s provider of air traffic control services has received a helping hand from a group of Aussie kids.

The four Santa Commanders – Toby (12), Bella (12), Jackson (9) and Imogen (7) worked closely with Airservices to put the finishing touches on Santa’s final flight path that will enable him to visit more than nine million homes.

The release of the official flight path follows the submission of Santa’s flight plan last week that allowed air traffic controllers and the ‘Santa Commanders’ to finalise where he enters our skies and leaves, along with the time he will arrive and depart.

Airservices Executive General Manager Air Traffic Control, Greg Hood, said that everyone at Airservices had been working hard to ensure Santa’s flight goes safely and efficiently.

“This year Santa is sticking to a flight path he’s used previously which sees him enter Australia via the south and make use of Australia’s different time zones to zig zag his way across the country.

“Santa has also conducted a test flight to Melbourne to ensure all his navigation equipment is working correctly and he will be able to be safely monitored by controllers while he’s flying through Australian skies on Christmas Eve.

“The Santa Commanders have worked side by side with our team to see just what’s involved in making sure his visit is safe and successful”.

The Santa Commanders have also allocated Santa the call sign of ‘SLEIGHRIDER 1’ and issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) to warn all other aircraft flying on Christmas Eve—one of the busiest nights of the year—to keep clear of Santa on his present-delivering mission.

“Our staff around the country, together with our crew of Santa Commanders, have been working hard behind-the-scenes in ensuring that Santa’s flight will go as safely and efficiently as planned while making sure that all those travelling to visit family and friends on Christmas Eve are also kept safe in our skies,” Mr Hood said.

Follow the Santa Commanders for regular updates on their experience in the lead up to Christmas Eve at


Airservices representatives will be available for interview until 5 pm (AEST) on Thursday 24 December. Please call 02 6257 2828. Media can download high resolution photographs and broadcast quality audio grabs at

Video – Santa’s flight path

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Airservices spokesperson Graham Robinson


Airservices spokesperson Graham Robinson