Airservices releases Santa’s flight path

22 Dec 2014

Airservices has today released a video showing the flight path that Santa will take later this week that enables him to visit more than nine million homes on Christmas Eve.

It follows the completion of Santa’s test flight to Melbourne earlier this month to ensure all his navigation equipment had been installed correctly and he will be able to be safely monitored by controllers while he’s flying through Australian skies on Christmas Eve. This included testing the satellite technology fitted on his sleigh.

Airservices has also allocated Santa the call sign of ‘SLEIGH RIDER ONE’ and issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) to warn all other aircraft flying on Christmas Eve—one of the busiest nights of the year—to keep clear of Santa on his present-delivering mission.

Airservices Executive General Manager Corporate and Industry Affairs, Mairi Barton, said a lot of work had gone on behind-the-scenes in ensuring that Santa’s flight will go as safely and efficiently as planned.

“We manage more than four million flights each year, however, Santa makes more take-offs and landings than that, in just the one night.

“Well done to each and every one of our staff around the country for their work in keeping not only Santa safe this Christmas Eve, but all of the travelling public, all year-round,” Ms Barton said.

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Airservices spokesperson, Larissa Kaye

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