Airservices releases Santa’s flight path

21 Dec 2012

With only four days until Christmas, Airservices, Australia’s provider of air traffic control services, has released Santa’s flight path.

This year Santa will enter Australian airspace from the east and make his first stop in Australia at Hobart in Tasmania, before heading north to the mainland and criss-crossing his way across the country. 

Airservices Manager Corporate Communication, Rob Walker, said that air traffic controllers had an important role to play in helping Santa navigate through Australian airspace safely.

“Airservices air traffic controllers are making their final preparations for Santa’s flight through Australian skies,” Mr Walker said. 

“Santa’s flight path is now finalised and pilots have been issued a notice advising them that Santa will be operating in the airspace on Christmas Eve.”

Visit Airservices Santa 2012 website to view Santa’s flight path and see Airservices preparations for the big night. You can also play the ‘Catch the Reindeer’ game, view videos of Santa visiting Airservices Melbourne Air Traffic Control Tower and Airservices Learning Academy and learn about the history of navigation.

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