Airservices ready for Santa’s visit to Australia

17 Dec 2012

Airservices preparations for Santa’s visit to Australia, on one of the busiest nights of the year, Christmas Eve, are just about complete.

Airservices has been working closely with Santa and his elves in the lead-up to Christmas to ensure a safe passage for his sleigh and reindeer across the nation’s skies and have allocated the call sign ‘Red Sled 1’ to Santa.

Airservices Manager Corporate Communication, Rob Walker, said that Airservices air traffic controllers safely managed more than four million flights a year and on Christmas Eve would assist Santa to visit around nine million homes.

During a recent test flight, Santa visited Airservices facilities in Melbourne to see first hand how air traffic controllers will keep him safe while travelling across Australian airways.

“Santa has spent time talking to our air traffic controllers who explained how they will help him fly with greater accuracy by using satellite-based technology. This will help ensure Santa is able to get to all places he needs to visit in the most direct, safest and efficient route without tiring out the reindeer,” Mr Walker said.

“Air traffic controllers will also know exactly where Santa is at any given time as the accuracy of the information displayed on the controllers’ screens will allow them to keep other aircraft well clear of Santa’s flight-path and give him priority as he carries out his special deliveries.”

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