Airservices ready and waiting for Santa to visit Australia

23 Dec 2013

Airservices has received Santa’s flight plan and checked its systems and lists twice to make sure everything is ready for Santa’s visit later this week.

Last week, Santa completed a successful test flight to Melbourne to ensure all his navigation equipment had been installed correctly and he will be able to be safely monitored by controllers while he’s flying through Australian skies on Christmas Eve.

Airservices has allocated Santa the call sign of ‘Sleigh Rider One’ and issued a Notice to Airmen to warn all other aircraft flying on Christmas Eve — one of the busiest nights of the year — to keep clear of Santa on his present-delivering mission.

Airservices Manager Corporate Communication, Rob Walker, said Airservices staff had been working hard behind the scenes to ensure Santa’s flight will go as safely and efficiently as planned.

“Airservices manages more than four million flights each year but Christmas Eve calls for more take-offs and landings for Santa than that, in just the one night.

“While our air traffic controllers will be busy looking after Santa plus all the other flights in Australian skies, our acoustic engineers have minimised Santa’s sleigh noise and our flight path designers have included as many tailwinds as they can to keep the reindeers fresh.

“Today, Santa let us release on our website a map of his flight path revealing how he will visit more than nine million homes on Christmas Eve.”

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Airservices representatives will be available for interview until 5pm AEST on Tuesday 24 December.