Airservices prepares for Santa’s visit to Australia

1 Dec 2012

Airservices, Australia’s provider of air traffic control services has begun preparing for Santa’s visit to Australia, launching its dedicated Santa 2012 website and Facebook page.

It comes as air traffic controllers ready themselves for Santa’s flight through Australian airspace on one of the busiest nights of the year, Christmas Eve.

Airservices will be working closely with Santa and his elves in the lead-up to Christmas to ensure a safe passage for his sleigh and reindeer across the nation’s skies.

This year controllers have allocated the radio call sign, ‘Red Sled One’ to Santa’s sleigh.

Airservices Manager Corporate Communication, Rob Walker, said that air traffic controllers had an important role to play in keeping Santa safe in Australian skies.

“Airservices will be providing Santa with air traffic control services throughout the Australian leg of his journey to ensure he gets to all places he needs to visit in the most direct, safest and efficient way possible,” said Mr Walker.

Through the use of satellite-based technology called Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B), Santa’s sleigh will broadcast his call sign, position, altitude, velocity and other data twice per second. This means that Airservices air traffic controllers will know exactly where Santa is at any given time.

“The accuracy of the information displayed on the controllers’ screens will allow them to keep other aircraft well clear of Santa’s flight-path and give him priority as he carries out his special deliveries,” Mr Walker said.

Track Airservices preparations for Santa’s visit at, via our Facebook page or on our official Twitter account – @AirservicesNews.

The website will include games and activities for kids while raising awareness of the vital role Airservices plays in air traffic management and in ensuring the safety of the travelling public.