Airservices prepares for Santa’s night of nights

11 Dec 2017

Airservices Australia, the nation’s air traffic control services provider, has begun preparations for Santa’s visit to Australia on Christmas Eve.

The Airservices newsroom and Facebook page will give Australians an insider’s view as Santa plans his Christmas Eve flight — one of the busiest nights of the year in Australian airspace.

Airservices Executive General Manager Air Navigation Services Stephen Angus said Airservices air traffic controllers and support staff played a vital role to keep Santa and his reindeer safe on Christmas Eve.

“Christmas Eve is an important night for all at Airservices. Our air traffic controllers will be busy keeping aircraft well clear of Santa’s flight path, and our support staff will be on hand to make sure Santa’s trip around Australia’s airspace is a success,” Mr Angus said.

“The initiatives used for Santa’s flight reflect our focus on technology together with using all of our systems to improve performance, efficiency and safety.”

Mr Angus said Santa had noticed how busy Australia’s sky was becoming and he was really excited about the new civil and military air traffic management system that was coming soon.

“Santa and I have had a chat about the new system and he’s very excited about having much more airspace flexibility so he and his reindeer can avoid the bad weather, and being able to fly across Australia much faster so he can get presents to the children across Australia on time,” Mr Angus said.

Every year we give Santa all the assistance we can, but we’ll also be working very hard to help all travellers get safely to their destinations for Christmas.

Accompanying footage:

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