Airservices commissions new radar at Mount Bobbara

23 May 2014

Airservices, the nation’s air navigation services provider, has commissioned a new replacement radar at Mount Bobbara in north-west Canberra to provide secondary radar surveillance of aircraft operating in the area.

The upgrade is part of a multi-million dollar modernisation program being carried out by Airservices to ensure the safe and efficient movement of air traffic.

Airservices Executive General Manager Projects and Engineering, Mark Rodwell, said the Mount Bobbara radar was used by air traffic controllers in Melbourne to provide separation of aircraft operating in high level airspace.

“The airspace between Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra is among the busiest in the world, with controllers seeing more than 1.2 million flights each year,” Mr. Rodwell said.

“The new radar is used to provide real time aircraft position information to air traffic controllers for the safe monitoring and separation of air traffic operating in western New South Wales and parts of Victoria.”

This will include aircraft operating from Dubbo, Canberra, Albury, Wagga Wagga and Griffith airports.

The Mount Bobbara radar is integrated with Airservices other air traffic control radars to provide continuous surveillance of aircraft flying within 250 nautical miles (460km) of the radar site.

It offers increased reliability, and by providing additional information to air traffic controllers, will deliver greater accuracy and improved tracking of aircraft.

It also provides an essential back-up to satellite surveillance systems such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, or ADS-B.

The Mount Bobbara radar was commissioned into operational service in mid-May following stringent flight inspection testing and more than 14 months of work. It is the third radar site to be commissioned as part of Airservices en route radar replacement project which will see nine en route radars across Australia being upgraded.