Airservices among world’s best – CANSO benchmarking study

8 May 2013

Airservices has been ranked among the world’s best as part of an international safety benchmarking study undertaken by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO).

The study placed Airservices in second place for air navigation service providers (ANSP) in relation to the maturity of the organisation’s Safety Management System, with a score of over 90 per cent effectiveness.

The study is part of CANSO’s safety program and compares the processes and performance metric of international air navigation services providers (ANSP) safety management systems.

It benchmarks individual ANSP’s performance against a range of metrics such as loss of separation (IFR), runway incursion statistics and Safety Management System (SMS) maturity.

Airservices CEO Margaret Staib said that Airservices performed consistently well in relation to loss of separation metrics, coming in with one of the lowest loss of separation rates globally for IFR flights per million flight hours and per 100,000 movements.

“Safety is our priority and we are pleased that the results of this benchmarking study reflect this commitment,” Ms Staib said.

“However, while we are among the world’s best, we should not be complacent about safety and we continue to focus our efforts on further enhancing our safety performance.”

Airservices Safety Management System is an integral component of the organisation’s culture, and documents policies, practises, procedures, software systems, reports and training requirements.