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We’ve made some changes to our online newsroom

1 Jul 2014

Airservices has launched a new-look online newsroom. The new site provides you with much of the same information and functionality as the ‘old’ newsroom but we’ve also made some changes to make things easier for you.

As well as a new look and feel, the site is also mobile-friendly so you can access it on-the-go. We’ve also improved the left hand navigation and better integrated the site with our social media channels.

Another major change is removing the log in and registration process, meaning it will be easier for you download and use content we publish on the site.

You can now download audio visual and printed material, including media releases and still imagery, without the need to log in to the site. This will be extended to video and audio in the future too.

As a result of these changes, we’ve also updated our terms of use and privacy policy, and our copyright statement, so please make yourself aware of these.

If you were previously registered to receive email alerts from the system, you will continue to receive these. If you’re not already registered, you can do so here.

However, all system alerts will now be provided instantly. If you’d prefer not to receive these alerts, you can also unsubscribe.

Please also note that the site has been optimised for use on newer browsers and may not function as intended on older browsers.

Media outlets with questions about navigating the site are encouraged to phone our media team on 02 6257 2828 or to contact us by emailing