Highlighting the true value of an aviation rescue fire fighting service

25 Aug 2016

Speaking at Airservices annual industry consultation forum, Waypoint, Airservices Chief Fire Officer Glenn Wood explored the notion of ‘value’ in an aviation rescue fire fighting service.

Mr Wood, reinforced to delegates yesterday attending the forum the importance of having highly trained aviation rescue fire fighters on the ground, ready and waiting at major airports.

“Our primary function is to extinguish fires and to rescue people from aircraft that have crashed or caught fire and the second is to respond to fires or the threat of fire anywhere on the aerodrome,” said Mr Wood.

“These functions are built around the principle objective of an ARFF service which is to save lives.
“However, we go well beyond this and also respond to requests to provide first aid assistance to passengers, the general public, airport and airline employees and other airport users who may be suffering from a variety of medical episodes or who have sustained an injury.

“This additional capability is a key element of the value of our service.

“Like our aircraft responses, this is a service that we take very seriously and while it may not get a lot of attention, for every passenger we treat, or airport we keep open through our prompt responses, our value to the industry is clearly reinforced.”

Read a full copy of Glenn’s speech.