News Item

Fire fighters donate $10 000 to local hospital

12 Aug 2016

Our Gladstone Aviation Rescue Fire Fighters this week donated $10,000 to the emergency department at Gladstone Hospital.

The station has spent the last 12 months fundraising after being recognised as ‘Crew of the Year’ in 2015, an award given on 4 May in conjunction with International Firefighters Day.

The station was tasked with fundraising for a cause of their choice for the duration of one year and Airservices would match the donation dollar for dollar to the value of $5000.

Paul Gray, Fire Commander at Gladstone Station said the crew wanted to raise money for a cause that the local community could benefit from.

“Our crew believed the emergency department at the hospital was a cause that needed our help so we set about raising as much money as we could through sausage sizzles and other events in the local area,” Mr Gray said.

“I’m really proud of what the crew has achieved in 12 months, and it’s nice to know that our contribution will make a real difference in the local community.”

At the cheque presentation, Gladstone Hospital said the donation will be spent on the hospital’s first Carboxyhemoglobin machine that offers a non-invasive way to test carbon monoxide levels in patients who have been exposed to fire or smoke.

Syed Khadri, Clinical Director at Gladstone Hospital said he has wanted to purchase this machine for the hospital for some time now as it will improve patient outcomes.

“This machine will definitely save lives.”

Gladstone Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting station was officially opened 8 December 2014 providing an added layer of safety to all users of the airport.