News Item

Airservices statement regarding recent Gold Coast City Council announcement

12 Oct 2017

Airservices is aware the Gold Coast City Council is conducting its own targeted monitoring program and has recently released the results of their sampling.

Airservices notes the results have been characterised by the Council as very low and not of concern. Airservices also notes the results are all below the Commonwealth Department of Health’s recreational water quality values which were specifically developed to be protective of human health and inform advice to the community.

The Council’s actions are a matter for the Council, but its recommendation for no direct water contact for recreation activities does not appear consistent with its characterisation of the results as very low and not of concern, nor does the recommendation reflect the health-based guidance values.

Airservices has recently conducted its own investigations in areas surrounding Gold Coast Airport, including Coolangatta Creek, and the results are consistent with the Council’s results.  All of the results from our off airport testing of Coolangatta Creek were below the Commonwealth Department of Health recreational water value of 0.7 micrograms per litre.