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Airservices hosts emergency exercise in Melbourne

2 Sep 2016

Airservices Aviation Rescue Fire Fighters today participated and hosted this year’s Melbourne Airport Emergency Exercise at our state-of-the-art Hot Fire Training Ground in Melbourne.

Held in conjunction with Melbourne Airport, Victoria Police, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, the Country Fire Authority, Ambulance Victoria and St John Ambulance, the exercise was aimed at practicing and evaluating multi-agency emergency responses to a simulated aircraft incident.

Airservices Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services, Melbourne Operations Manager Chris Quinn said it was an honour for the Airservices facilities to be chosen to host the exercise and explained how beneficial it was for all those involved.

“At the Airservices Melbourne facility we are fortunate enough to have a world class hot fire training ground complete with a mock-up of a 747 aircraft. It’s a great opportunity to involve all emergency services to our facilities for today’s exercise in a more realistic scenario.

“Exercises like the one today are extremely important as it gives our fire fighters the opportunity to practise their techniques in a near real scenario as well as work alongside other emergency services” Mr Quinn said.

This year’s emergency exercise scenario involved a 747-400 international freighter departing Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. In the scenario, the load restraints within the aircraft break on take-off causing the load to shift to the rear of the aircraft, causing it to stall and crash.

Once the exercise is complete, a full debrief will be conducted with all agencies involved to examine emergency planning procedures, facilities, responses and recovery procedures.

Airservices has over 900 highly trained fire fighters stationed at 26 of Australia’s busiest airports.