Airservices CEO: Towards the new Airservices

24 Aug 2016

Airservices Australia Chief Executive Officer Jason Harfield today detailed the important changes the organisation is making to be a more efficient and valued service provider for its customers and the greater aviation industry.

Speaking at Airservices annual industry consultation forum, Waypoint, Mr Harfield, said the pace of change at the organisation over the past seven months has been unprecedented.

“We have a great history of delivering quality services to the highest safety standards, and the work we do matters to our customers and our nation,” said Mr Harfield.

“But, no matter how far we’ve come, and how proud we are of our record, we need to continue to evolve, to adapt and to innovate.

“In March, I launched our Accelerate Program. This is the first step to deliver some fundamental improvements to allow us to operate more efficiently, to better manage assets and projects and to lay the foundations for how we will use new technology to deliver services highly valued by our customers.

“Rest assured that during this change process, we will continue to safely perform our critical air navigation and aviation rescue fire fighting roles and effectively serve, you, our customers. Of that, there is no question.

“Our customers provide the flights while we underpin those flights with the safety and other services essential for those flights.

“As aviation continues to change, so too do we at Airservices have to change to meet the future demands and expectations of the industry, of which we are a partner.”

Read a full copy of Jason’s speech.